Chemical Peel training courses are available to eligible members of the medical profession including, for superficial peels, beauty therapist NVQ level 3 and above.

Superficial skin peels such as lactic and glycolic acid can generally be used by all kinds of medically trained staff, including doctors and nurses.

Medium facial peels such as TCA tend to be used by doctors of all kinds from GPs to surgeons, but you should seek an experienced dermatologist (skin specialist) or plastic surgeon for a deep phenol peel.

Chemical Peels can be applied superficially, deep and medium depths according to the product / brand of peel. Varieties of chemical face peels include Agera Rx Peels, Medix™, Chirally, Neostrata®, Obagi Blue Peel, and Skinceuticals Gel Peel.
Once you have completed your chemical peel training course you will be eligible to perform facial skin peels in the UK.