Botox Training Courses London

Botox® Training Courses London UK are available for members of the medical profession including doctors and nurses.

With its reputation as one of the leading Cosmetic surgery centres in the world the market for Botox® treatments has seen an unprecedented rise over the past decade. At The Consulting Room™ we get more enquiries for Botox training courses in London than for any other city in the UK. It’s easy to reach location and reputation for quality training and qualifications bring aesthetic professionals from all over the South of England and from the rest of the UK, making the demand for Botox® training courses in London at an all time high.

Botox® was the first botulinum toxin to gain a cosmetic licence endorsing its use for glabellar lines and wrinkles. Currently the number one non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the U.S., Botox® is also the leading brand of botulinum toxin type - A in terms of documented clinical trials and practical use around the world.

After completing your Botox® training course London you will be able to inject botulinum toxin as a treatment in your clinic.

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