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Duration: 3 Months - 2 Years

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Level 7, VTCT

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Facethetics Training

Alison Stananought

1a Woodlands Road
L17 0AJ

0151 559 0865


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Practitioners who can demonstrate evidence, generated evenly over the last 2 years, for treating 30 patients with Botulinum Toxin and 30 patients with Dermal Filler will be able to enter into a Recognition of Prior and Experiential Learning (RPEL) and exemption process for experienced practitioners already working within the industry.

Our express pathway to this qualification will be based on the following evidence that must be provided:

* 30 completed case histories for Botulinum Toxin treatment

* 30 completed case histories for Dermal Filler treatment

* You can provide a peer reference from a colleague who's experience is equal or greater than your own in aesthetics

* You can evidence knowledge or submit 4 short answer assignments set as part of the full Level 7 Diploma

* Critically analyse the historical and economic context of aesthetic practice

* Critically analyse the key marketing responsibilities in relation to aesthetic practice

* Critically analyse the professional responsibilities of the practitioner in the context of aesthetics

* Evaluate the factors in relation to aesthetics and appearance psychology

* Literature review report

* Demonstrate understanding of clinical literature approaches within the discipline of aesthetic practice

* Maintain academic standards when writing a literature review report within the field of aesthetic practice

* Support with the above assignments will be provided at no additional cost if required.

* What are my first steps?

First and foremost, we will need you to complete an in house application form, this will give us a better understanding about your experience and current practice and how we know how best we can help you.

Upon receipt of your application form, a member of staff will be in touch to discuss and offer further advice about the qualification and your next steps.

Once you decide to move forward with your Level 7 qualification a deposit & payment plan will be put in place and a consultation will then be arranged with one of our Level 7 educators.


Fee: £2700 inclusive of VAT (VAT excluded) | Refreshments Provided

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