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Duration: 60 Hours (6 CPD Credits)

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QCF Level 3 & 4

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Laser IPL, Laser Safety, Laser Safety - Core of Knowledge

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Online Laser Training

Godfrey Town

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This more advanced Core of Knowledge course is intended for experienced laser / IPL operators who are responsible for supervision of all light-based devices in the laser establishment. The entire Level 5 module is divided into the same 4 units as the Level 3 course with strengthened Assessment Criteria and Assessment Evidence. You will be required to submit a developed set of Local Rules for the specific device(s) used in your establishment and complete a choice of 4 independent written tasks from 11 possible tasks and a randomly selected written Assignment by OLT as a Portfolio of Evidence to demonstrate occupational hands-on skills.

A deeper understanding of the content of the Laser User Core of Knowledge training video and workbooks is required to answer the more challenging multiple-choice assessments at the end of each section. Additional downloadable workbook material is also provided to assist you with independent study and critical assessment of laser safety requirements in your establishment.

This independently accredited Level 5 online course is worth 6 CPD learning credits which is equivalent to a notional 60 hours of learning. Distance learning offers more choice and more control over what, how, when and where you learn. We achieve this by using the same quality course materials to present information that we use in our ‘Core of Knowledge’ face-to-face courses. The course video, which you can play-back multiple times, can be viewed on a desk-top computer, laptop, tablet or iPhone / Android.

The Core of Knowledge Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO) course also meets or exceeds the recommendations of the Health Education England (HEE) standard ‘Qualification requirements for delivery of cosmetic procedures: Non-surgical cosmetic interventions and hair restoration surgery’.

All of our courses are independently accredited by OCN Credit4Learning (formerly Open College Network) based in Amersham, United Kingdom. This Accrediting Organisation maps courses to National Academic Standards and provides a valuable Quality Assurance service for training providers. Recipients of OCN Credit4Learning Award certificates benefit from the assurance that the training they have received is underpinned by an organisation that is ISO9001 certified, and has mapped and Accredited Online Laser Training courses against nationally recognised Level 4 and Level 5 standards.

Our Certified courses are recognised by numerous UK insurance providers including Hamilton Fraser, Holistic Insurance Services, Balens Ltd, Cosmetic Insure, Lonsdale and Town & Country.


Fee: £200 (VAT excluded) | No Catering

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