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Region: West Midlands | Venue: Sally Durant Aesthetic Education & Training | Duration: 9.00am - 5.00pm

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Anti-Ageing, Chemical Peel, Laser IPL, Medical Skin Needling, Pigmentation, Skin Care, Skin Health

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Sally Durrant Training and Consultancy


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Sally Durant Aesthetic Education & Training

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Approximately 90% of premature skin ageing can be attributed to sunlight and at least 50% of the adult population will quote pigmentation irregularity as a major skin concern. Indeed individuals with Fitzpatrick Skin Types 3 to 6 may well rank pigmentation as a higher priority than lines and wrinkles.

Hyper or hypo pigmentation may also be generated by the effects of medication, hormonal imbalances, illness or a post inflammatory reaction, but whatever the underlying cause an understanding of the physiology of its manifestation is vital if you are to provide the right treatment approaches.

This course therefore not only explores in detail the skin’s relationship with the sun and the process of melanogenesis but also looks at all forms of pigmentation irregularity, how they develop and how to effectively, and safely, treat these stubborn skin conditions.

Course content:
- The skin’s relationship with the sun
- A definition of photo-ageing and statistical evidence of its impact on modern day skin health - who is at greatest risk?
- What is light and how does it interact with the skin?
- The electromagnetic spectrum
- Types of UV light rays and their individual effects within the skin
- The question of infra red Skin damage
- The physiology of melanogenesis
- Eumelanin and pheomelanin
- Fitzpatrick skin typing and the Lancer scale
- The physiology of sun damage
- The formation and effects of free radicals
- Inflammation
- The MMPs
- Sunburn cells and hyperkeratosis
- Immunosuppression
- Thymine dimers and cancerous change
- The p53 gene

Pigmentation irregularities – other causes:
- Disorders & diseases of pigmentation
- Ephiledes ( freckles)
- Solar lentignes
- Solar keratosis
- Melasma / cloasma
- Moles
- Seborrheic keratosis / seborrheic warts
- Vitiligo
- Skin Cancers – including recognition of cancerous changes within a mole
- Post inflammatory pigmentation irregularities
- Pigmentation analysis equipment
- Remedial treatment of pigmented skin
- Prevention - the use of topical antioxidants , SPFs, chemical and physical sun filters
- Treating pigmentation and dermal degradation in the clinic
- Chemical skin peeling – pigment balancing mask
- Microdermabrasion
- Laser / IPL
- Microneedling
- Cryotherapy
- Prescription medication and cosmeceutical treatment

Course timing, duration & provision
- One day ( 8 hours)
- Direct and interactive delivery
- Delegate centred learning and consolidation activities
- Hard copy delegate notes
- Power point presentations
- Activity exercises

- The Institute of Skin Health and Clinical Aesthetics – IISHCA
- CPD Certification – 8 Points

Venue Details: Sally Durant Aesthetic Education & Training

Venue Address:Unit 1, Hagley Hall Mews, StourbridgeStourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 9LG

Fee: £195 (VAT excluded) | Refreshments Provided

The Sally Durant Aesthetic Education & Training Centre is located within the grounds of Hagley Hall, 15 miles South-West of Birmingham City Centre and just 5 miles from the M5 and M42 motorway networks. National rail links are also very accessible. The centre provides a light and airy space for the provision of professional training in clinical and therapeutic treatments. The accommodation includes an area for the delivery of theoretical knowledge with audio visual equipment supplied while the practical training room provides up to five fully equipped treatment stations. The centre is also available for hire on a daily basis, being fully hosted in an easy to reach location, with ample free parking and full disabled access. From £195 per day +VAT

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