Microsclerotherapy, London (11/11/2017)

Region: London | Venue: Wigmore Medical Ltd | Duration: 1 day

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Wigmore Medical and VeinCare Training have teamed up to offer you one of the UK’s premier accredited training courses in professional vein care treatment.
Spider veins and thread veins are terms used by the public for small, unsightly, superficial veins usually found in clusters on the legs. They are a frequent cosmetic cause for concern amongst women and the demand for treatment is rapidly increasing.

Venue Details: Wigmore Medical Ltd

Venue Address:21 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 1PJ

Fee: £1100 (VAT included) | Full Day Catering Provided


Conveniently located bespoke training premises in Central London near Harley Street and the West End.

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If delegates are only interested in Microsclerotherapy, then they can attend the relevant part of the course for £1000. If they are only interested in Facial Telangiectasia, the fee is £200.

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Course Presenter: Dr Joney De Souza


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