Level 3 Oral Facial Botulinum Toxin Training with the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, Reading (30/11/2017)

Region: South East | Venue: Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute | Duration: One Day

Course Topic(s):

Botulinum Toxin, Dental

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This course is designed for Dentists and Medics alike who will often be presented with patients suffering with Temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) related issues such as Bruxism and tension headaches.

This course will also provide you with knowledge of how to treat other area of the face using Botulinum Toxin such as gummy smile.

The course fee includes all course materials used on the day, lecture notes and lunch.

On completion of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance. Information regarding insurance and application packs will be provided on the day.

Delegates are invited to bring a model with them for the practical session. We are able to provide models for those who are unable to provide their own.


Botulinum toxin - an overview
Pharmacology and Toxicology
An introduction to Bruxism and other TMJ related problems
A global approach - Conventional methods vs Treatment using Toxin
Anatomy and physiology - Advanced
The consultation - thinking outside of the box
Dental Occlusion - what to look out for and why
Occlusal splints - the gold standard
Gummy Smile - considerations
Patient management - expectations & contra indications
Obtaining valid consent
Cosmetic, Functional and medical procedures - VAT implications
How to achieve safe and predictable outcomes
Complication management and Indemnity insurance information
Preparation and dosage management
Injection techniques
How to maintain predictable outcomes
Hands on practical session for Oral facial, Masseters and temporalis region
How to implement facial aesthetics into your everyday practice
How to maintain a successful career in the world of facial aesthetics

Venue Details: Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute

Venue Address:115 Queens Road, Reading, RG1 4DA

Fee: £850 (VAT excluded) | Lunch Provided



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